Blac Chyna ducks too. How all that fits in there? Seeing is believing!


The internet celebrity Blac Chyna has the life most controversial of all. Since he began his career as a stripper, the opportunities arose. He met so many famous and starred in many videos, which currently is a star of the networks. In addition, their resemblance with Nicki Minaj is very much in dispute. For this occasion, left everyone with the mouth open, as the suggestive poses sometimes become very extravagant.

The american is a lover of fashion. It always amazes me with their looks daring and their style changes so radical. Has had the hair dyed of various colors with different cuts and hairstyles. However, it continues to impact when you dare to recreate photographs daring and different as of this time. Appears with black hair short and a fringe that covers most of her face. Reminds a little of Halle Berry.

Is shown tilted toward the front, as if you were viewing something far away. The posture helps that your dress is yellow highlight. In turn, the way in which the dress sticks to your skin makes your bust look more outstanding. Blac you get a garment two sizes too small and choose to cause anger. Despite the fact that his expression is serene, looks wild in any way. On the other hand, her makeup is simple and eye-catching. What stands out the most are his eyes eyelashes huge, and the lips with a gloss that shines most brightly with the light of the sun.

Blac Chyna and a confession unexpected

With this star does not cease to exist, the drama, your reality show is characterized by being overdone. Unexpectedly, Chyna confessed the following: In recent years, you have received a perspective of who I am from the media and the people closest to me. And continues saying: “I’ve been intimidated, demeaned, manipulated and discredited as a mother!”.

And, finally, ended surprise, when he stated: Of course, I’m not proud of some of the pain I’ve caused, and I’m working to be the best I. Blac Chyna he said be grateful with the blessings you have in your life and the support of their fans. To be seen the great change of this entrepreneur.