Boris Johnson, admitted in the hospital by coronavirus


The doctors decided the hospitalization of the british politician as a precautionary measure, given that it still has a high fever

The british prime minister, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, was hospitalized on Sunday after continuing to suffer symptoms of the coronavirus ten days after having tested positive in the test.

According to a Government spokesperson, the decision was taken as “a precautionary measure”. “On the advice of your doctor, the prime minister has been admitted tonight to the hospital for evaluation,” the source added.Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson you are in the Hospital St Thomas’s in London, near Westminster, and is being given oxygen.

“Today in the hospital to undergo testing, but will continue to be informed of what is happening and to be at the helm of the government,” he said Robert Jenrick, minister for Housing and Communities, to the BBC radio. Also read: Boris Johnson, English prime minister, positive for coronavirus

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The leader of the Conservative Party through its Twitter account had announced that still was sick, and “with fever” and that therefore the detention home would.

“Should I continue with my self-isolation until their symptoms subside,” he said three days ago, although it added that it was “better”.

On the other hand, your girlfriend Carrie Symonds he has also spent the last week in bed with symptoms of coronavirus, so she revealed herself via Twitter. The journalist of 32 years, expecting a child from Boris, reported in the publication “did not need to take the test and, after seven days of rest, to feel strong and improving”.

Carrie Symonds

So far, Uk has 48.407 confirmed cases of coronavirus and the number of dead now stands 4.943, while 229 patients have recovered from the Covid-19, according to the official statistics collected by the Johns Hopkins University.