Britney Spears worried her fans over a photo he posted on Instagram


After a difficult year, in the suffered a relapse and was admitted, Britney Spears he returned to the network and shows active publishing content on a daily basis. However, the fans are still concerned about the state of your mental health.

It all stemmed from a series of postings that the diva pop performed during the last few days from his home in Los Angeles, where he is passing the quarantine.

Beyond the look of the artist, which does not respond to the historic image that it gave during its golden years, his followers worried after Britney post, time and time again, the same picture.

In the postings, other users mentioned the situation and in spite of his alleged concerns, joke with some comments as “Ops, I did it again” (in reference to his subject “Ops I did it again”), “don’t panic, the clone of Britney is failing” and “Deja vu”.

However, and apart from having repeated photos, some days ago Britney is showed challenged by the pandemic that affects the whole world and he gave a hopeful and positive message.

There, the artist said: “verily, I feel that the small things of life are all. The love of you and of my family makes me appreciate much more the little things, and not giving everything for granted. I really believe that if we all pull together, we put aside our differences and we pray for healing, then it could be a true miracle”.