But who came up with that we had to go through hunger in the Lent?

If Jesus, who is deity to the believers, the prophet, to the theologians and character for the rest of the herd, if Jesus or jesus Christ or Christ was the lamb of God, made wine, multiplied the fish, said goodbye with a last supper before he died, he left in charge to eat bread and drink to honor him… if Jesus, in short, he was a good person, or at least strove greatly for making it clear the importance that we gave to the food of his fellowmen, why the Church forbade eating in terms to celebrate the alleged date of his sacrifice? It seems a incongruity telescopic. Let’s see what the reasoning just putting warm pancakes in the Holy Week.

Nicaea, present-day Turkey. June of the year 325. Concludes the first ecumenical council in the history of the Christian Church. Hugs chasuble, laughter without having to open the teeth, to see if I pass by your shrine. An ecumenical council, for your information, is one that brings together the bishops for the lay chair, that is to say, to fix the doctrine, their livelihood theological and practical. Something like Madrid Fusion, but without an audience, influencers or despiporre night. The Council of Nicea set 20 laws for different areas, such as the prohibition of the prelates of to dwell with a woman who was not mother, sister, or aunt (that is, a woman benign), and also set new dates in red calendar, including Easter, that disassociating itself from the jewish Passover which was associated among the populace glutton. The israelites celebrated for eons the liberation of Egypt by sacrificing a lamb and zampándoselo whole in one night, under the obligation of “do not break her bones or leave pieces of meat”. Gastronomy obelíxtica (remembering the great Uderzo) able to convert in a snap to any infidel if only for this evening, pantagruélica. Give me that pork chop and tell me a jew.

The curia christian set another date and another ritual to your Passover particular, both diametrically opposed: a Lent strict, or forty consecutive days of ashes, prayers, and cries (“Forgive your people, Lord”), purified through abstinence stomach. A confinement like that we are going through currently, but limited to what entered the mouth, apparently catnip for the soul. To eat the body of Christ on the anniversary of his death and return to the future meant now a lack of respect, so no meat. “If the jews slaughter animals to celebrate with pleasure, we atajamos and sacrifice the pleasure”. Do you lamb? Or speak, cod, pollock, or curadillo or truchuela, as synonyms of Don Quixotethat one was a cheap ingredient made by wranglers. And why does the fish itself and the meat does not? Because, for the exegetes, the higher animals were the earth and them affecting both the sanction, while the marine (despite the office’s initial San Pedro) were not considered worthy, much less in dried fish, as he used the populace to conserve and take advantage of, applying all his ingenuity: “In our peninsula, the map of the cod is a map iberian, and the ways of cooking, numerous and full of accurate fantasy,” writes Néstor Luján As pine nuts peeled.

But hete here that another doctrine in effect contradicted part of the new Lent: the ancient prohibition of fasting on Sunday, precisely the Day of the Lord and a day of rest and celebration comparable to the current day of the paella or the barbecue, or “be careful child, that today you are going to cook your father.” To discover the inconsistency, those men purple had to add four days to the 40 set to save Sundays. Take malabar. Thus began a fabulous cookbook thousand-year egg dishes, meats, vegetables, legumes, breads, fish and the crumbs with which the faithful of the West, fishermen, famines, exceeded the weeks of procession.

Today we call it the kitchen of wakefulness, which is already with modernity ended up reduced to Friday. Ask your grandma for the cakes, fritters, stews or pestiños. “Holy Week is not a meat eater, but the food was an explosion of flavors. After long weeks of beans and vegetables, to the houses of wealthy came to the fresh fish. The cod and fritters sweet bread, of the poor,” says Vicky Hayward in the edition annotated by the New art of Spanish cuisine the monk Juan Altamiras, a book canonical to know what has been eaten for millennia in this peninsula of the sun, a cassock and salt. More than half of the delicious recipes are “dishes for days of abstinence”, which of course you could circumvent paying the Church its corresponding rate, in the form of bulls.

Why in the Council of Nicea chose precisely 40 days? Because it is one of the many magic numbers bingo christian. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert, avoiding all sorts of temptations mentioned by the gospels, without entering into detail (basically, Satan suggested to him that made follies like plunging from a roof, and the other, with good reason, he ignored it). Why fasting severe? First, because in theory Jesus endured in the dunes without try to bite (“If you are so divine, it converts stones into croquettes, go, ready,” came to tell the Devil, again without any success). But also because the later Lord’s Church has always looked to the food with suspicion. Remember that all of your bibliography begins with an apple cursed and that the manuals later continue with the gluttony. Being sensible, what paints the gluttony among the seven deadly sins, when the greater part of the faithful were poor and hungry until just over a century? What sense does it prohibit the starving not precisely what you can achieve? What about social Control? “Do you resign yourself, brother”? It turns out that Evagrius of Pontus, who is credited with the list of vices, and sought to warn them with them to their co-habit. Manages.

However, it is very easy to see the mote in another’s eye, dear tweeters. Beyond that, some priests today (although not contemporary) intend to retrieve the fasts in the XXI century, the inhibition of the pleasure of eating has gone on in our society by adopting other formats, new religions, which tend to have by golden calf, a body of Instagram. The diet 16:8 is the last entertainment of the celebrity and their followers to pursue the ghost of youth, the freshness and eternal. Consists of eating only for eight hours a day, mainly papillicas and things so effulgent but lighter, and leave the other 16 in fasting dog. Jennifer Aniston, goddess of this brotherhood of the withdrawal, “usually waking up about 8.30 hours in the morning and take a glass of juice or green celery ensuring that you do not usually drink coffee so early and waiting a little more to do it after your session of meditation, exercise and after a feeding to their dogs.” I personally prefer the sunrises to Jake and his infinite love for the bacon.

Fasting 16:8 it has more slopesthe case of the 5:2 or the so-called “Eat, stop, eat”, which sounds to Ang Lee’s deranged in a shoot. In general, the hominid modern concerned about their appearance efeba usually end up giving up to eat, or at least to a group of ingredients which theoretically are absorbed in lorzas. Before we banned the lamb, today we forbid the carbohydrates, and, of course, the chops grilled, they are still sin.

Diets for weight loss without the endocrine control, the magazines, are the new purifications of vigil for those who can afford the luxury of going hungry. Its main problem lies not only in the absence of a physician using, but in the remoteness of the kitchen, cause of all the evils of the food world. We cook a little, and cook a little is usually synonymous with eating worse than you could. The anthropologist Isabel González Turmo conducted a field study among fans for his book Cooking was a practice and concluded that: “Query the network for recipes almost daily, even archived some, but make very few: the diet, the easy, which are fashionable when you invite friends […] It is impossible not to wonder why I like so much to see and hear talk about a kitchen, but it’s so hard to move in home”. That is precisely what is intended to this web page: cook, such as health, enjoyment, economy and pleasure, but not as appearance. You can take advantage of the confinement viral and the dates of introspection christian to leave you to your pots and pans, taking it out in procession, and to try all the recipes for Holy Week that you have linked in this text. Probably, with some reaches the sky.

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