Buy the wardrobe of your favourite singer in a single click


During the quarantine, any possibility of us with the looks of the celebrities in just a gesture seems extremely appetizing. After celebrities like Kate Moss have been given their clothing to be sold on popular websites of resale in order to help the fight against the coronavirusnow the turn comes to the world of music. What is certain is that Katy Perry has already taken advantage of this isolation to sell from your profile your own looks, those who happened to form a part of your fashion collection, but it’s not going to be the only one to do so. The April 26 release of the platform DroppTV, that let you buy in direct to the articles of a video clip or a live broadcast conducted by your artists preferred.

In a time in which the looks of the singers are analyzed from the first second of a performance of a live Instagram, this platform has not wanted to miss the opportunity to get the looks most acclaimed of our icons of music. DroppTV is perfect for artists who want to sell their garments merchandising as the products of the brands with which they have an agreement, so that singers such as Rosalie, Beyoncé and Dua Lipa, who sell their designs of merchandising, you will love this service. What is so special about this platform is that the sale process does not stop the video, so that works as the perfect mix between music and fashion.

This is an ideal time to launch DroppTV, because, as it ensures the chief executive officer of the platform, Gurps Rai, although firms such as Nike and Adidas are very exquisite at the time of selling their products online through a third party, in full pandemic the marks are more permissive at the time of selling their products in virtual form. In turn, there are small shops that can take advantage of these services. “Or don’t have websites or have them, do not have sufficient traffic to sell their products effectively. On the other hand, do not have big budgets to be able to count on influencers to help them publicize their products. Therefore, DroppTV help them sell their products,” he explains.