Carmen Villalobos has the pajamas ideal for this quarantine


Since the start of the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19, the majority of the countries of the world decreed a quarantine, so people have been forced to stay at home. Celebrities are not alien to all this, between these Carmen Villalobos.

The actress ‘Without breasts there is no Paradise’ you are sheltered in your home while you are waiting for the situation to be resolved. While you are at home, showed by his account Instagram that may be the perfect look for not do anything.

A red beach, with a beautiful message, and a few pants sports. This is the outfit almost official of all persons while they are at home, whether enjoying days of rest or working.

Carmen Villalobos took the publication to leave a hopeful message “More solidarity, more compassion, more empathy , more serenity , more respect… Welcome to April and to follow him by putting the best attitude to all of these days.”

It is not the only one who has remained at home. Stars such as Kylie Jenner Danna Paola, Belinda, Ariana Grande and Gloria Trevi have followed the preventative measures advised by the authorities. Through the social networks they have not lost contact with his millions of followers.

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