Chapter of the Rose of Guadalupe becomes viral for trying topic of the Coronavirus – Channel 44


In social networks there was a chapter of the popular program from Televisa that represents what we are currently living in

Mexico.- In the middle of the quarantine by Coronavirus that lives in Mexico, was revived a chapter of The Rose of Guadalupe, who represents a pandemic. But, what will be the program “predicted” the current crisis by the virus of Wuhan?

Although there are several similarities in the episode of the popular series of Televisa with what is happening currently in our country before the COVID-19, the program has not predicted anything.

And that is the chapter, called “The day that ended the world”, was released in may of 2009, after the outbreak of the influenza H1N1 that we live in that year.

For this reason, in the scenes that circulate on social networks, appears a message from the government calling for social isolation and use of face cloths. Although other situations are displayed with a little more intensity, as the scene where the people fight in the supermarket after using the inputs.

Here you can see the full chapter of La Rosa de Guadalupe a pandemic similar to the one that we currently live by Coronavirus:

With information from El Universal.