Ciri in The Witcher is like Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian in this great trailer honest


Ciri in The Witcher is like Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian in this great trailer honest

Ciri and Baby Yoda – NETFLIX/ LUCASFILM

MADRID, 11 Apr. (CulturaOcio) – –

After its successful passage through Netflix, and the promise of a 2nd season a lot more big, finally The Witcher has its own trailer Honest. The channel Screen Junkies has given us his satirical view of the series of Henry Cavill, and was not slow in compare with the other big hit of the season, The Mandalorian of Disney+.

The 1st season of The Witcher is focused on presenting the characters with a convoluted plot of comings and goings at the time. The protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, he crossed his way with the witch Yennefer, and with the young and enigmatic princess Ciri. And such and as pointed out by the creators of Honest Trailers, to both Geralt as Ciri saved a lot of similarities with Remote and Baby Yoda.

What is most curious is that the similarities between the two series go beyond what is said in the playful tone of the Trailer Honest. Both are carried out by two loners and violent bounty hunter who unexpectedly becomes the guardian forced a child with supernatural powers. In both cases, the young creature is pursued by dark forces that want to use their powers for their own purposes.

And beyond, to both Geralt as a Control suffered a traumatic childhood that led them to be adopted by a warrior tribe that have them trained to make them one of yours, whether it’s warlock or call Mandaloriano. In addition, both are clunky and seem a little uncommunicative, and both have a reputation that precedes them and causes problems.

This, as a last point, it could also be extrapolated to other of the great characters of the time, Takeshi Kovacs series Netflix Altered Carbon. But that is, perhaps, the object of ridicule in another Honest Trailer. What is clear thanks to Screen Junkies is that single parents with serious problems of aggression are out of fashion.