Constance follows in the footsteps of his deceased mother, Edith González


Constance follows in the footsteps of his deceased mother, Edith González. She is the only daughter that had the actress, who this 2020 will fulfill his first death anniversary.

The adolescent has a strong resemblance to his famous mother when they were the same age. After the death of the actress, she lives with biological father Santiago Creel.

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Everything indicates that Constanza Creel González inherited the love to the social causes as did his mother, the late Edith González.

This was revealed by the actress Vanessa Buache, who was one of the best friends of the deceased actress, she commented that Constance accompanied her to the march that made the eight day of march in commemoration of the International Day of the Woman:

“Of course I have contact with her, marched together on march 8, the first gear of the beautiful Constance, of his family, we were together her aunt Rosalinda, her uncle Victor and his cousin Frida, we were with other communities, it was very beautiful,” he said.

According to Vanessa reported that the family of Edith Gonzalez is good, although it was not an easy process for them:

“All are well thanks to God and of course I have contact with her, the family has had what heal is wound little by little, the leave is not to be exceeded, you learn to live with it, it has not been an easy process for anyone nearby and much less for his daughter, but, the light of Edith is so great, and what I say in this, that their energy does not go away and took deeply to your daughter and all the actions that he has already begun to perform”, said Bauche.

Another detail that said Vanessa was that Constance and her 15-year would like to participate in the social projects as his mom:

“Frida and Constance bring projects beautiful, also aimed towards a social service, it is very beautiful,” he revealed.

Constance follows in the footsteps of his deceased mother, Edith González

Constance, daughter of Edith González made him a touching letter ...

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