Danna Paola impacts on Instagram with new look it Beautiful!


Danna Paola once again managed to conquer the hearts of his followers in Instagram and several internet users to publish a photograph of her sporting a military look, with great boots and locks of hair in a pink color.

Apparently this look Danna Paola it was made specifically for the promotion of the cell phone “Galaxy Z Flip”, however we can’t deny that this singer 24-year-old looks spectacular with this style.

Remember that Danna Paola has always been distinguished by having a style of your own hair, which has only changed in the long but it has always looked your brown natural. So to see her with some strands in pink has managed to surprise its followers.

New look of Danna Paola

Even few days ago the singer of “Hey Paul” was compared with the singer Ariana Grande to the show a hair with curls. A style that caused all kinds of reactions, from the critics for wanting to imitate Ariana, even those who appreciated his change of image.

Now back to cause the same reactions but with a look totally different which we can not deny that is spectacular. And proof of this are the thousands praise he has received by his followers on Instagram.


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Danna Paola impacts on Instagram

Remember that Danna Paola in addition to being one of the singers most successful today, has managed to position itself as one of the most popular artists in social networks, surpassing the 22 million followers on Instagram.

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It was therefore expected that this publication would cause a great uproar in this platform, getting over a million likes within hours of being shared. Among the comments that stand out is the of the famous reguetonera Anitta.