Duke is not a third representative to take better measures in front of the Covid-19

Through Facebook and web portals has spread the alleged news that the president Iván Duque “finished in third place in the world as the agent that has taken the best decisions when faced with the pandemic of the COVID-19”.

The journal barranquillero The Freedom he shared the same information on April 5 and noted that “in the first place is positioned in South Korea, in second place on The Salvador and then to Colombia.” However, the middle does not add any source from which you have taken information.

The next day, the senator of the Democratic Center Carlos Felipe Mejia shared the news journal barranquillero, and had more than 700 interactions on Twitter.

However, it is a misinformation.

We did a Google search of the phrase “Thanks to the measures taken in Colombia give world example” and we found only the article of The Freedom and pages on Facebook that shared the content of the note.

We find, moreover, that the first time you posted this disinformation was the 3 of April via Facebook. Of all the publications of the social network, this is the only one that gets a source where, supposedly, the information originated: the Panorama programme on International CNN.

The Lie Detector of The Empty Chair reviewed this publication and found that “‘International Panorama’ is not a program CNN or CNN in Spanishbut a news of ecuador which transmits the television channel Ecuavisa every Sunday at nine thirty in the morning.”

Reports, furthermore, that taking into account that posting on Facebook is Friday, April 3, and that this points out that CNN allegedly disclosed the information “in the last hours”, it is unlikely that the source has been the noticiero ecuatoriano the previous Sunday. On the contrary, it is possible that the author of the publication has come to refer to “Global Overview” or “Lookout World”, which are programmes of CNN in Spanish. The first airs Monday to Friday at four in the afternoon and the second on Saturdays and Sundays, at six in the afternoon.

In Colombiacheck review last chapters both programs are published on the official pages, as well as the information shared in Twitter and Facebook and we found no mention of a top of the heads of state or countries that better decisions have been taken to address the Covid-19.

We did other searches on the internet, relating to the three countries that supposedly lead the ranking in the handling of the coronavirus, and we did not find any article that point to what it says in the publication of Facebook. Even seek out the phrase “first, South Korea second and El Salvador third Colombia” and we do not find that any medium has brought some news related.

We also did a search in English and we found the same thing: nothing.

In mid-march we reported news that they had about the successful strategy of South Korea to save lives in the midst of the pandemic of the Covid-19 (as of the BBC in the Uk). And the journal Time published on 26 march on the countries that have best confronted the pandemic coronavirus, highlighting Germany, Japan, and south Korea.

But no media is recognized nationally or internationally has told, that in the same line of successes are El Salvador and Colombia.

Although the Pan american Health Organization (PAHO) acknowledged, in a press release“the measures adopted in Colombia that are taking with opportunity and gradually according to the analysis of the scientific evidence for global available to meet the COVID-19”, in no part compared the measures in colombia with those of other countries and has not made a ranking of these.

By which we classify these publications as false.

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