Finally! Justin Bieber brings news with Summer Walker


The hit song that launched Justin Bieber this year, Yummy, it was part of their album changes, this hit was remixed by the singer of R&B Summer Walker. And the morning of this Thursday, the fans have available a great demonstration of artistic to calm some of the anxiety of the quarantine.

It should be noted that the canadian returned to the recording studio five years after their last successful album, “Purpose”, which sold over 21 million copies and received a Grammy award. The novelty of this morning, is the new video clip ‘Justin Bieber, Summer WalkerYummy (Summer Walker Remix / CHANGES: The Movement’.

Although it has a few hours published, the novelty of Justin Bieberaccount , you already have most of 385,043 reproductions on the platform Youtube. The singer has shown to be grateful in their social networks, and has invited the fans to disconnect a little of the obligatory isolation that has the planet, motivated to the health crisis caused by the Covid-19.

A quarantine fun

Justin Bieberhas tried to have fun, has been very active in their social networks Instagram and of the new international trend, TikTok. From days ago, has been showing their fans how to spend time in their homes, during the mandatory quarantine. Even in many cases showed activities with his wife.

Among the various publications which have been made, the singer shared a video doing mimicry of different songs, dancing in the living room of sucasa, and even climbing furniture, getting up to 359.500 reproductions. One of them involved the boygroup most popular of the moment.