From tango to rock nacional: the argentine that sings from the balcony to their neighbors in Barcelona


“Yesterday I got reacquainted with the residents of Barcelona to share more songs from balcony to balcony”, begins his story Paul Sturba (30), musician and pianist argentine residing in Spain since 2018.

From the obligatory isolation -that is confined to half the world- this artist changed the scenario of the subways of the Catalan city, on the small balcony of his apartment, in Carrer de Lepant, in the neighborhood of Sagrada Familia. Now, your presentations are outdoors and reach all the balconies of the block.

The schedule is fixed, punctual to the 17.30, the extension up to half an hour. In contrast, their repertoire is wide and at the request of the public. Despite the fact that its formation is lyrical, you experience the popular music passing by classics of argentine rock, to sing in English.

“We went through Argentina and we sang a Tango: ‘por una Cabeza’ from Carlos Gardel. Then, we traveled to the Uk and rockeamos with the artist Adele and, finally, back to Spain and get excited about the great Joan Manuel Serrat” shares from his personal account of Instagram accompanied by the videos of the presentations.

Each time you finish a song, get applause, praise and even the whistles of approval. This week Pabl touched all with the interpretation of Poppy, a classic of 1998 of a dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra.

And a poppy told me so yesterday

I’m going to see, that I’m going to see

And a rainbow I paint the skin

To meters of distance moved by each melody are your neighbors in the early days were simple strangers. “It is an act very nice of your part, in times like these, to receive a joy or distraction is very important,” highlights Paula, also an argentine who lives right across the street, and follows it a week ago.

They say that music erases borders, and this is no exception: the link of Paul with his neighbors-fans became more narrow, even propose topics for the next session: “When the presentation ends asking us what we want to hear the next day”adds Paula.

“I asked you for topics of Soda Stereo, and sang Blind American. The truth has changed me the afternoon of lockdown”, he admits.

Paul shares his flat with an Italian friend and as half of the planet suffers by not being able to get out to the street, but stresses that the isolation had a positive impact. “After a year and a half, I met the neighbors two blocks away! The most important thing is that we connect. Not all speak Spanish, but English and even chinese, but when one sings a tango, or a song of Coldplay, it appears the universal language: music”, highlights excited by the response that it did.

The artist finishes by saying: “It motivated Me a lot the only thing I am sure of in life: that art heals.”

And close your show. “IThank you all for being present and for all the love you gave me! I hope to see you soon to enjoy more music together”. And then, is fired from the balcony longing to see them again as it says in the lyrics of Juan Luis Guerra.