Gloria Estefan throws in a fun but educational song coronavirus (VIDEO)

From the comfort of your own home while he was in quarantine, Gloria Estefan has sent an important message about the new coronavirus. With a touch of humor, the singer cuban-american launched a new song called “put on your mask”, the pace of your success of 1989’s “Get On Your Feet”.

“Put on your masks, when you go out in public / put on your masks, it helps to save the world from COVID”, she sang in the chorus, catchy in English.

The song of two minutes, in which he worked with his faithful companion Heather Beltran and the sound engineer Juan Arreguín, brings to light the pandemic current world and the importance of following the safety steps. The idea was born from the true doctor of Estefan, who asked him to create something fun to encourage people to wear masks when they are in public doing their essential duties.

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A music video home show to Glory-dressed as a doctor is false and shows you different creative ways to take cover.

“I wanted to contribute something that injected a bit of humor to a very serious situation which is how I’ve managed to pass the biggest challenges of my life,” expressed the singer. “I wish that you reach that make them smile while I share a very important message. Stay healthy, my people! And for those suffering with this horrible plague or those who have lost loved ones I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers constantly!”

Watch the full video below.

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