Grigor Dimitrov he shows off his abs to Venus Williams


The seven-time champion of Grand Slam, Venus Williams, obey strictly the rules and regulations established by the government, and maintains social distancing at maximum. The ace of tennis has created a gym virtual on Instagram and the organization of sessions live days a week.

She promotes it with a hashtag #CoachVenus. On Tuesday, Venus made a session of exercises live next to the number three in the world, Grigor Dimitrov. Before you close your session, Williams played the theme of the elegant abdominal Grigor. The conversation of Venus Williams and Grigor Dimitrov “Can you show us how to use the exercises that you do, and the type of result that we would expect?” Venus demanded.

A reluctant Dimitrov with a smile said: “I can show you some exercise” Later, Venus insisted: “No, you’d be talking about the results of the body” Later, Dimitrov avoided and avoided the subject in a way linda and said: “I am Not in shape at this time”

But after extending the conversation, Grigor detected his abs and said, “Here, this is for you” And the elevated Venus Williams cried out and said, “you’re in very good shape, I can not show my abs and I don’t have none”

After the suspension of the tour and the tennis block national in the united states.

UU., Venus came up with the concept of a gym virtual. “I’ve been doing workouts from Monday to Friday, as a break for lunch: 12 noon on my Instagram live,” said Venus Williams , of 39 years.

All the days along with it, their fans have the opportunity to move around a little bit and stay in shape. Venus will continue with the same until such time that you resume your tour of tennis. “It has been an amazing experience.

The feedback has been excellent: keeping people motivated is part of the power to be healthy and develop those endorphins healthy; make people lift and move to the middle of the day; and help people to have hope and to keep active, stay healthy, and overcome all of this together.

It will do this until further notice! Added the number 67 in the world Williams.