I blamed! Taylor Swift pointed out to Shakira being responsible… What will it be?


One of the artists that has been most active during this quarantine has been Taylor Swift, who despite not being very recurrent networks, it has become news thanks to their generous acts of kindness, helping many in this crisis.

However, isolation has made you think the singer about the different actions that have led him to be who he is today and who have motivated.

The composer was recognized by the American Music Awards as the artist of the decade, thanks to his contribution in the industry during this period of time.

Something that characterizes the actress also it is your humility, for this reason he decided to take time to acknowledge that the success was thanks to many factors, among them the inspiration of many women.

The artist published a few days ago, a list of the women and the songs that motivated her to devote herself to the music industry, among which stands out the name of Shakira and her song “Underneath your clothes”.

Never before the u.s. he had stated his fanaticism for the barranquilla, this was something that surprised all his fans.

Taylor Swift it has been inspired by the career of Shakira as well as these other singers: Dido, Shania Twain and Kelly Clarkson.