it has become a british icon at the age of 24


His 24 years, Emma Mackey it is postulated to be one of the actresses most in-demand of the film industry. Thanks to its interpretation in Sex Education, the actress has increased its cache and the number of followers on social networks, reaching the four million. Such is their influence, during the first season of the fiction that starred he was wearing his hair blonde, with brown roots and a gradient with rose wicks many young people of London did not hesitate to copy. It is clear that not only in real life Emma Mackey it has become a queen of trends but that their role as Maeve Wiley, also has managed to be the center of attention.


There are few who compare with the very Margot Robbie, the actress who gives life the intrepidante Harley Quinn. Above all, thanks to their change of look in the second season Sex Education. It is there where you can see the resemblance with the actress. From your look up the features of his face. Little by little, Emma Mackey has been showing his talent not only in the series that has given the greater part of his professional successbut outside of them because he has served as a bridge to get to the big screen. The young will have a role in the next film from Kenneth Branagh, the remake of Death on the Nile. An important project which share distribution with other stars such as Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious) and Armie Hammer (The social network). A promising future that has become the actress in one of the most quoted of the moment, for your style and for your insight.

Through his profile of Instagram shows not only your day-to-day or their professional projects, Emma Mackey is demonstrating your good taste for fashion. Although he lives in London, was born in the city of Le Mans, so it is not surprising that in its roots it has inherited the French style when choosing look. That is why that in your dressing room can not miss the typical costumes two-piece style men or long dresses fluid combined with coats, three quarter, clothing trends this season.


In fact it has already passed the test to be able to sit in the first row in a parade, because that means that the fashion has begun to acknowledge to Emma Mackey as a figure influential. In a parade of Miu Miu, he attended as guest of honor along with other celebrities like Nicole Richie or Kedar Williams Stirlinghis fellow actor. And not only that, but each time he has stepped on a red carpet he has demonstrated that he is abreast of the latest trends. Proof of this are the outfits for that bet, making it clear that it has a personal style that wins wherever he goes.