Jennifer Aniston surprise to a nurse that has coronavirus



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  • Jennifer Aniston surprised a nurse with a coronavirus in the program of Jimmy Kimmel.
  • One more proof that days are rare, but they are also #DíasExtraordinarios.

    Like all the others, the ‘celebrities’ have also entered quarantine, both in the national territory and outside our borders. Staying at home is crucial these days, and although in some cities of the world, it is not mandatory to practice the isolation of the pandemic coronavirusthere are many celebrities who have opted for the #yomequedoencasa. Jennifer Aniston is one of them and, as has been said the actress, it takes more than three weeks locked up. As was expected, has not wanted to sit idly and one of the solidarity actions that you have taken has been to surprise and to financially assist a registered nurse who is currently infected by the Covid-19.

    There are a thousand ways to help in this health crisis, such as Jennifer Aniston, there are many ‘celebrities’ and encourage us from their homes or to support those who most need it. Yesterday, we went to a fun tutorial makeup with Martina Klein and listen to the voice of various medical equipment british thanks to Victoria Beckham.

    Jennifer Aniston, in addition, tell us how is being the experience of isolation appear in the program Jimmy Kimmel, wanted to brighten your day and thank you for your constant effort to a american nurse that has been infected by coronaviruses.

    At a time of the home program, Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer Aniston had a conversation surprise with a nurse. The thrill of health, which has been infected by coronaviruses, so it is only surpassed by the actress to thank wholeheartedly all that is has done with his work and courage.

    In addition, Jennifer Aniston gave the nurse a card with $ 10,000 to be able to receive food in his house. But it does not end there the thing because it will also give you a card similar to many of his colleagues in the profession.

    Throughout the interview with Kimmel, we discover how it is being quarantine for Jennifer Aniston. “For me, personally, there has been a great challenge,” said the star of Friends. What has been a challenge has been to decide how many stories to consume, since the continuous updates on the pandemic coronavirus can be quite overwhelming. Of time has reduced its consumption of news and only sees them once in the morning and another at night.

    To pass the time, Aniston has been dedicated to clean and organize your home, solving puzzles, inspired by her friend Ellen DeGeneres. A bit like all of us, if you realize.