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Justin Bieber is going through the quarantine with his wife Hailey Baldwin in Canada and has tried to distract their fans by performing fun choreography in their account of TikTok.

However, this time it performed a live broadcast with the model Kendall Jenner and her conversation led to strong criticism from his followers, who accuse him of not accepting that you have privileges, because he was born into a wealthy family.

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During the live chat, spoke about the crisis through various countries due to the coronavirus. The artist said that many people must be going through gaps at this time, but then he made a controversial comment.

We are lucky. There are many people who, in these moments, is going through a horrible situation. Surely they look at us to us. Well, we’ve worked very hard to be where we are today, so that we cannot feel bad for the things that we have”, said.

Immediately after the singer wanted to better explain your words: “I Think it is very important to us to take consciousness of how lucky we are and that there are people that are really going wrong”.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin would be looking for new residence. Photo: Instagram

Kendall Jenner support the reflection of the interpreter “Changes”: “We are very fortunate. I think that all the time”.

However, the people that saw them began to criticize them, saying that their privileges were not from hard work, but that they both grew up in a rich family, which gave them more chances to succeed.

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“Speaking of ‘we work hard to be where we are’ is very funny. Both Justin as Kendall were born in a rich family; therefore, they are famous, they are bad role models”, “Ja, ja, ja, especially Hailey and Kendall, they were born in the cradle of gold, is not it?”, you could read in the comments from various social networks.

Justin Bieber will remain in his mansion in Canada until the pandemic is controlled; therefore, he has recommended to his followers not to leave their homes to avoid getting infected.