Justin Bieber spoke with fan argentina in an Instagram Live, and the boyfriend she was faced by his failed show in the country


Since the start of the quarantine in different parts of the world, several artists have used their social networks to communicate with their fans. Such is the case of Justin Bieber, who repeatedly performs transmission in vivo via Instagram.

In one of its more recent transmissions, the canadian singer was contacted by a fan of argentina, which was accompanied by her boyfriend.

“I want to go back to Argentina”, we broke it, saying Bieber to the young woman, who was completely enraptured by being able to speak with his idol. “For a time I was forbidden to return, but now is good, now I can go back and I feel like it”added the interpreter, “Sorry”, making reference to their legal problems in that country.

Noticeably nervous to be able to cross words with his platonic love, the young man looked to the side and heard the voice of her boyfriend, who shouted “tell it to return the money”, referring to the show failed that had Justin Bieber in Argentina some years ago.

Despite the fact that the international artist was not able to understand what they shouted out, the followers who were listening to the transmission made a big splash by those of the young.