Mainstream, the avant-garde and ground-breaking space that Gabriel Bautista has created for Home Decor


You already know that to try to encourage this confinement, in addition to news related to the tasks of cleaning and order, we also want to show you themes beautiful to forget a little of this madness that we are living. Nice houses, trends, wallpapers, beautiful… and of course, some of the spaces of Home Decor.

Because even though the building of Velazquez had to close their doors because of the health crisis, the spaces are still there, intact, until the day that you pass all this and we can re-iterate through these rooms which have been designed with so much care and affection by some of the most prominent interior designers in this country.

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Today, we want to tell you about Mainstream, the space created by JOINT Design, the study created by Gabriel Bautista. A space of entertainment created from the luxury, the art and the culture of the masses. The culture Mainstream talk of how to generate the blockbuster, the blockbuster, britney spears, Rosalia, and other major hits that reach all corners of the planet. The design and luxury are cherished by all of the hand of the great houses of ceramics, glassware and furniture Italian.

A luxury that is part of the base material. The tiles in a large format of Emil Groupthe impressive Calacatta Renoir, invades the stay from the wall to the ground, generating a massive match book a visual effect that embraces space and encompassed by a marble base in white and black the whole, to become the foundation of the concept.

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The culture Mainstream, and distributed through cinema and television, from the black-and-white, up to currently more technological mechanisms of Hagerpassing by the renewal of the design in Lladroalso in black-and-white. The RGB can be seen in the paint a special Valentine, in a deep greenalong with an impressive sofa in blue velvet, and as part star a red roof of Aistec.

Home Decor Tv Room Den Design

Also designed by the studio ANTRUM Design for this space, is a Ecopanel conceived in geometric forms to dampen the sound of the audio-visual that can be played back, as well as being a piece that is respectful of the environment, because it is made with plastic from recycled bottles.

The rest of the elements make up a vision of different objects that at some time in the culture and the design have been mainstream, have reached the masses. The tassels and braided natural lamp Peralta, the poto as the plant most Kitsch, the tanks hanging from ropes from esparto grass weave, live with the pop art geometric wallpaper Styledition, designed especially for the space.

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Geometries that, combined with the mirrors, leads to a art installation of Op-art effect free-fall, including that it has become one of the great attractions of this edition of Casa Decor. The years of psychedelia, LSD and other fashions of that and other eras. A facility to which you access through a hallway that contains one of the largest technical revolutions in the installation of floors porcelanicos, the Pave-and-Go of Emil Group is a ceramic pre-installed in a plastic plate tongue and groove.

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This base machiembrada allows you to take the mortar, saving water and material, and placed 10 times faster than any tiles. Economy of means, personnel and fewer natural resources to the carrying out of any installation in a record time.

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The decoration of the Mainstream, supported by both size of Emil Group, closes with a waitress designed for the study, and is based on the forms of the ArtDecoand the colors of the group Memphis, decorating trends and styles that flooded the art, design and fashion of their times. A bar furniture that sustains the incredible luxury of Vistalegre and its Crystalwarewith famous spirits such as the great Licor 43 Spanish, as an element of Kitsch in the culture of Spanish bars.

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