“Mamacita” with Ozuna & J. King Soul

After you have had a historic return last year with one of the hymns international greatest of all time, “Pace (Bad Boys For Life)”, Black Eyed Peas maintains that time unprecedented with their new single titled, “Mamacita” feat. Ozuna & J. King Soul the day today.

Doing again a strong global movement, the six times winners of the GRAMMY® Award, pioneers in their genre, join the artist puerto rican reggaeton star and trap latino, Ozuna —the one who stands out as a four times holder of the Guinness World Record®, and one of the latino artists most sold of all times— to sing “Mamacita”.

The single “Fantasy”, belonging to his last album “Nibiru”, reached #1 for the lists of Billboard Latin Airplay and Latin Rhythm Airplay.

With “Mamacita” once more, the Black Eyed Peas manages to fuse to perfection genres such as hip-hop, pop, club and Latin sounds with good lyrics, vocals sticky and a performance burning Ozuna.

“Mamacita” becomes the second single from the Black Eyed Peas under his new record label .

Fans of BEP know J. King Soul thanks to her contribution with “Masters of the Sun Vol.1” in 2018, also for your participation as a guest artist in the tour of the band in Europe, Latin america and the Pacific during his tour of 2019. Now she joins formally the ranks of “Mamacita” with its great style.

In the video, directed by Julien Christian Lutz alías Director X, you will be able to see the performers shine. Is that the Black Eyed Peas and Ozuna used clothes Gucci exclusively, becoming in a great partnership with the legendary fashion brand.

“Mamacita” comes immediately after the great global success of Black Eyed Peas “Rhythm (Bad Boys For Life)” [feat. J Balvin]. Spending billions of reproductions, total in less than six months, the track eclipsed 432.7 million reproductions of Spotify to date, making it the “song most listened to in one platform” and even surpassing the well-remembered hits as “I Gotta Feeling” and ” Where is the love?”. On the other hand, the music video has spent more than 600 million hits on YouTube, and still counting.

The song exploded around the world with. Among the many certifications, was platinum quad in Mexico, platinum triple in Spain, platinum in Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Costa Rica, and gold in Canada, France twice, spain, Sweden, Turkey, Central America and the Caribbean.

Similarly, Rolling Stone magazine ranked “RHYTHM (Bad Boys For Life” as a theme of “bold and colorful”, and Billboard praised their “vibes of the 90’s with their neon lights and colorful landscapes of Miami to present scenes full of action, Bad Boys for Life starring Will Smith”. The song continues to lead multiple music charts around the world. As reported by Forbes, ranked #1 in the Billboard Hot Latin Songs for a second week in a row, which also marks its ninth week, generally not consecutive in the top.

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