Martina Navratilova demonstrates that quality is not lost – Ovation – 09/04/2020

Martina Navratilova, one of the best tennis players in history, went up in their social networks, a video in which he was able to demonstrate that keeps intact the quality of the game of your wrist.

The extenista of czechoslovak origin and nationalized american referred recently to the problem facing all the players from the stoppage of activities as a result of the pandemic coronavirus. “You don’t know where is the finish line. Do not know when to begin to train and for what. Are in the same boat. But for some, it is more difficult than for others, ” he said in an interview with Power Sportz.

According to Martinato the young people they need to improve and a confrontation against players of higher rank is a must. “That’s where you make big improvements when you’re so young”.

He also explained that for older players as Roger Federater and Serena Williams time is not your friend. “I can’t imagine if he were still playing. For players with more than thirty years and who want to continue playing, you run out of goals because you do not know what is going to happen”.