Metallica reminds the producer Hal Willner after her death



The band american thrash metal, Metallica, recalled through their social networks, the composer and producer Hal Willner, who died yesterday, Tuesday, at the age of 63, due to the coronavirus.

The members of the grouping acknowledged that they felt sadness to know the news of the death of the producer, in addition they remembered how it was to work with him on the album Lulu, 2011, who performed next to Lou Network, and also noted that Willner was a guide for them, and today feel proud to have shared with him.

“He was a collaborator truly inspiring, someone who, through his unique combination of musical knowledge and warm personality, he revitalized each and every project that he touched, including the co-production of our own collaboration with Lou Reed,” recalled Metallica in a post on Instagram that was accompanied with two images.

In the same message, the drummer of the band, Lars Ulrich, voiced that you’ll never forget the producer and throw them out of less, he and the entire group, in addition to treasure the moments that you shared with Wilner, drummer reminded:

“He was a person so warm, open and communicative, and as the right hand of Lou, was absolutely essential to push to Lulu forward. I’ll never forget, and I know that I speak for the whole family to Metallica when I say that we will miss him a lot.”

Finally, he reminded Hal Wilner as a person very much in demand in the music community and it is shared that the producer had a love and appreciation for all styles of music, and avant-garde art.