Mia Khalifa published your video more secret: your favorite position


If you’ve arrived here without knowing who I was, Mia Khalifa are in the right place. The young lebanese living in the united States for years, is one of the influencers of the moment with his nearly 20 million followers on Instagram. Now, nothing to do with the amount of fans that had when it was dedicated in body and soul to his previous profession, the actress of films for adults.

Mia Khalifa

The young man decided to leave that industry for the serious psychological harm that were taking place and have found your site in the social networks as a creator of content, among which highlights the sporty character showing their workout routines. It is these that have allowed him to show off the body you have today, that if you as before it was beautiful now it is outstanding.

But without a doubt what many fans were expecting was to see the lebanese demonstrating the skills that led him to be a complete reference in your previous job. And finally, after much waiting, this video has come through the platform of Tik Tok. Has been together with her husband, Robert Sandberg, and complying with one of the numerous challenges that exist in this social network of short videos in which the girl has to go around the body of the boy to give it a full turn and all of this without playing floor at any time.

The objective was met, as it could not be of another form and now all are waiting for this challenge to be the only one who both dare to try and reach many more. What is certain is that the quarantine will continue for more weeks so it is quite likely that these continue to reach the fruit of the boredom of day-to-day. Thus, we need to be attentive and responsive.