Michael Rooker wants to go back to Marvel as another character


Actor Michael Rooker has played Yondu in the two movies of Guardians of the Galaxy and now wants to follow in Marvel with another character.

Attention SPOILERS. Michael Rooker played a very interesting character, because he was a father and mentor to Peter Quill / Star Lord (Chris Pratt) at the same time he always threatened to eat him. Although at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 sacrificed for him.

The death of Yondu it is one of the most emotional moments of the franchise and the director James Gunn has always been very clear about his belief that Yondu should stay dead in the Movie Universe of Marvel. Precisely in order to continue to evolve the other characters.

It seems that Michael Rooker is in agreement. Because it said it would like to return to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 as Yondu:

“No way, I’m dead. I’m dead. My character is dead. I’d play anything else, I would not mind. I’d play something else, but why would I want to play Yondu? Yondu had a farewell wonderful… Amazing any time you would like to see in the cinematic history of Marvel. My god, friend, why do you want to spoil that by bringing the character back now?”. Said Michael Rooker.

“There are consequences when you die, you are supposed to stay dead! Why do demons come back? Why are they bringing all these idiots? Give me a break. Move. ahead, make another movie. It would be interesting to do another character.”

Michael Rooker wants to go back to Marvel as another character

Will also give life to a character of DC Comics.

As we know James Gunn always adds to Michael Rooker to your movies. From Slither: plague (2006) and Super (2010), to the two movies Guardians of the Galaxy. Not to mention that it appears in the new movie Suicide Squad precisely directed by James Gunn. So if you are returning for the third installment of the space heroes would be like another Marvel character. Perhaps one done in CGI and with his voice.

Although it is clear that job does not lack to Michael Rooker, as we will see in Fast & Furious 9, The President Is Missing and A Good Man Is Hard to Find.