Michel Brown live episodes of anxiety during confinement



The argentine actor Michel Brown, who gives life, “Pedro de Alvarado” in the series Hernán, cometó that in this time of pandemic COVID-19 what is important is to join forces and do not promote divisions, because each country have a reality completely different.

“Each Latin american country has a reality completely different. Mexico has a large percent, almost 40 percent of people who live day to day, that has to go out to work, then there are many criticisms of why Mexico took so long, but I think that you have to understand the reality of each one of these countries and why each acts in a different way,” says the actor

“We have to support rather than divide them and try to be at home,” he told Notimex the argentine, who has more than two decades of living in Mexico.

Brown said that since his trench, has tried to help in this time of pandemic. “I tried to bet to the causes that I think are worth it. In his time he was with Diego Luna, who made his campaign and do some interviews on tv channels, but I think in reality no one knows what is the way, we have to try to respect and support,” he said.

Michel Brown, who to their way of life is to travel continuously, he shared how he is living is stage coronaviris:

“I’m in my house in Mexico and I’m locked up for 20 days, trying to be quiet. There are good days and bad in that sometimes I catch the anxiety and uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen.

; but basically I’m quiet, reading and doing what I always wanted and I had no time, took advantage of the lockdown to try to put things in order and also I see series and movies,” he shared.

In that tenor the channel History, took the decision of retramsmitir the series Hernán, in which Brown gives life to “Pedro de Alvarado” and shares credits with Oscar Jaenada.

From the 13 of April, every Monday at 21:50 hours, will be broadcast two episodes. In this series there has been talk of a second season, and Brown gave some details. “The second season is already written, but it has been a bit delayed by all that is going on.

“I know that you are going to handle what happens after ‘The sad night’, but is rather getting a bit into the psyche of each one of the characters, more than in history in general,” he concluded.