Movies sports for this quarantine (Part IV)


We continue with the series of films recommended for these days we have to stay at home. From I recommend these flims to spend doing more enjoyable time at home. Here they go:

Mary Komit is a film that jumped to the big screen in the year 2014, and is directed by Omung Kumar and starring Priyanka Chopra. Account of the life of the boxer Mary Kom and everything that had to go through before you achieve your desired goal. This film can be seen on Netflix.

The Fighter; is a movie of the year 2010 directed by Michael Brook and starring Christian Bale; it is a boxer-confrontational, but with a great talent. Tries to redeem himself by coaching his younger brother, which becomes a promise because of its great hook of the left, but it always comes out defeated. This makes finally away from the boxing accepting the advice of his girlfriend. You can enjoy at Amazon Prime Video.

The Damned United; is a film from 2009 directed by Tom Hooper, produced by the BBC and starring Michael Sheen. For lovers of sport king, is the life of the controversial coach Brian Clough from the years 1968 to 1974. Since its start in the Leeds United, who by then was the most powerful team in the English league. You can see in YouTube from 1,99€.

Road to glory; this film of 2006 is directed by James Gartner. It tells the story of the coach from Texas Don Haskins, which leads to the first basketball team composed of players of color at the national championships of the NCAA. Also, it is a story of overcoming that you can enjoy at Disney +.