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The naked truth. Thing impossible, since every action always precedes a veil of subjectivity and precedes a cloak of perception, emotional, limbic system.

Gustav Klimt made two versions of this piece, one in 1898 and another a year later. The first is a black and white illustration for the magazine “Ver Sacrum”. In it a young man, very possibly a teenager, holding a mirror in his right hand. At the bottom appear the title and the signature. At the top a quote from L. Schefer: “The truth is fire and speaking the truth means to shine and burn.”

This first version is what is relevant to my article are precisely the words of Schefer. That, I believe, are complementary to the reflection with the beginning of this story. That is to say, in the case that the truth is desnudara of their veil and mantle, it would combust sacrificing himself, but not before shine so brightly that we cegaría, preventing come to absolute realization of that truth. The truth eternally persecuted and unattainable.

Since the beginning of this crisis we are witnessing, in awe and saddened, approaches totalitarian, and attempts to undermine our democracy unparalleled in the recent history

The creation in 1899, oil on canvas, represents, in a format that is long and narrow, colorful, evocative and almost intoxicating, as a young woman, in the prime of life, naked and holding a mirror in her right hand. Common features with the previous one. The body expression predominates as a projection of the desires of his soul and of all souls. And your attractive and seductive gazes directly at the viewer. With that, even though, in principle, passive participants of the sensory experience that is admire a box of Klimt, makes us a major player in its work before the double possibility, we can reflect ourselves in the mirror that secures the female figure, which we projected, and those eyes with which we cling to and we also reflect. It seems that we become Dorian Gray to the point of face for our self portrait. In the face of our impulses and the idealized image or not, but the image that we have built of ourselves, of ourselves. The “naked truth”. The feet of the girl are supported on a pedestal where they picked up the title of the work and the author’s signature. On the head a legend that says: “If you can’t please everyone with your deeds and your art, like so few. Not worth like many. Schiller”.

Of this second, which gives sense to its inclusion in the article is all. Explain. Here is listed a new contribution to the concept of truth. “Our” truth, our self-construction through which we analyze and judge, because we judge the world and to others. Components are inseparable from our approach to the truth. Along with the truth, for me, absolute that exposes Schiller. This truth schilleriana is the true original. The origin and cause of countless conflicts and personal performances worthy of psychoanalyze. We never accept if it depends on the acceptance of others. Nuda Veritas.

In this approach to truth, honeysuckle aromatic flowers (pseudo truths or impressions that are conditional) that climbs with force by the unconscious community, could not fail to approach equally to the work and the author. The authors are the result of his personality and of his historical context, social and cultural.

I believe that Klimt was a man who lived in freedom, as considered appropriate, with only the shackles of his passions. His death came in 1918. In February, as a result expected of a thrombosis or stroke, was left without mobility in the right side of his body. Shortly after, while Vienna in the midst of an epidemic of influenza, he contracted a pneumonia that led to his death.

1918 was a terrible year for humanity, I think that, unfortunately, all we will do some kind of parallelism with the current situation, we met the so-called Spanish flu, which did not originate in Spain, and the first cases were reported in the united States, in one of the many training centres put in place in a country that was prepared to intervene in the First World War. We can deduce what happened in Europe at the time the us troops landed along the virus. Whose lethality is organised around secondary bacterial infections, primarily pneumonia.

I have to indicate that you can not rule out that the Spanish flu began in France in 1916 or in China in 1917, although the first recorded cases are from the military base of Fort Riley (USA) on march 4, 1918.

This pandemic, like the COVID-19, did not understand borders or social classes. Which leads me to link to, again, with the life of Klimt. “Lady of gold” or the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (I recommend those interested in the history of this box, do not let them down) condenses masterfully the essence of the Vienna of the early TWENTIETH century to the writer Stefan Zweig referred to as “the golden age of the security bourgeois”. Zweig, together with his contemporaries Freud or Klimt, was a frequent visitor to the house of Adele. Today is the golden age of the expansion and consolidation of the bourgeoisie and the owners of the markets, and we are being ravaged by a pandemic, not to pay attention, and to allow this, we will subtract freedom and options of workers.

On Klimt I would like to outline one last point; I was hired to make several paintings for the faculties of Philosophy, Law and Medicine, which caused a scandal at the time of its opening, even to the Parliament, reached the Government. After the passage of the years and various vicissitudes, ended up in the hands of the nazis in 1945, seeing lost the war, the destroyed along with a good number of masterpieces of the humanity, in the castle where they were saved. It was the end of Philosophy, Jurisprudence, and Medicine.

The totalitarian mindset destroying intentionally the Heritage of Humanity. Unfortunately, in XXI century we have witnessed identical performances, but outside of Europe. Demonstrating that the imposition by force of ideas is the worst monster that can generate the man, and no matter their culture or religion, but his vision of radical, selfish and ridiculous of existence. The nature is diversity and acceptance of the same. Life is respect and knowledge of the other.

Since the beginning of this crisis we are witnessing, in awe and saddened, approaches totalitarian, and attempts to undermine our democracy unparalleled in recent history. And right here I want to bind to the beginning of the article, and end with Adolf Hitler: “Perhaps the biggest and best lesson of the story is that no one learned the lessons of history” and the right-wing Spanish are demonstrating, in front of Albert Camus: “The tyranny of totalitarian is not built on the virtues of the totalitarian, but on the faults of the democrats,” and this, along with the following phrase, we must not forget the democrats (they are of the ideology that they are-but democrats!); “A man without ethics is a wild beast released from this world.”