Olympia, the daughter of Serena Williams, playing to the pilla-pilla with his father


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Olympia, the daughter of Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian, has fallen in love completely to all of his followers, and we are not surprised! The tennis player and her husband usually share the most adorable of your little. Thus, we have been able to see starring in a tutorial of makeup, or a duel of slides and we melted with his reaction to seeing rain. On this occasion, Alexis has shown that his daughter is the queen of the pilla-pilla. In the video that you’ve shared appear playing “Keep Away”, a similar game in which you must run with some object. This time, Olympia has taken away your father’s hat and commented Alexis, is going to have to buy one new, it is still persecuting. Give the play and not miss it.

-Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia, the protagonists of the tutorial ‘beauty’ more fun

-The funny reaction of Olympia, the daughter of Serena Williams, to see rain