Onward: The director welcomes the fact that the film is released in Disney+


The magic of Onward is quiz, what many families need in their homes in these moments. As the director Dan Scanlon est ms that agree that his film debut ahead of time in the streaming platform Disney+. Says we are living in a few moments “unprecedented”and that has made him happy to see how the fans commented on the film in social networks after enjoying it in the service of Disney. Considered that the film provides “a little bit of happy during these uncertain times”.

Dan Scanlon wants to make happy families with Onward

While some principals or even the whole distribution – as in the case of Josh Gad before the arrival of Artemis Fowl Disney+ – is not at all enthusiastic about the idea of not enjoy a theater premiere at the usage, it seems that the director Dan Scanlon does not have any problem about it. On the contrary: he likes that fans will have new content with which to entertain their minds during these days of isolation.

This is a time unprecedented in the history. I think that, simply, we are happy that people can see it, you can see it at home with their families, which can be a derivation, and, with luck, to provide a bit of happy during these uncertain times“, said the director in a recent interview granted to ComicBook. “The greatest gift for me has been to go to the social networks and read people talk about how they saw the film todayand how they enjoyed and made them happy and connected with her. As s, we are very happy for that.”

“We are happy that Onward can be a derivation”

With Chris Pratt and Tom Holland in the voice cast original, Onward takes us into a world mgico where the brothers elves Ian and Barley Lightfood, embark on a quest to revive his father. While the film governed the box office during its premiere, what is certain is that your recaudacin was far from being the height of the films of Pixar. However, enjoy the applause of the crtica, which concluded the following: “while it may suffer in comparison with the classical Pixar, Onward makes effective use of the formula of the study and it stands by its own mritos as a fun adventure, poignant, and stunningly animated“.

Along with Frozen 2, Onward it is one of the films that Disney has decided to move prior to the streaming platform Disney+, which is currently life of content. The executive chairman of the company, Bob Iger, has dropped that the ms films may come to this service without passing by the ticket office.

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