Peliculas delayed: the Black Widow, The French Dispatch, and all the new release dates


Unless you try the streaming, the most anxiously awaited films of the year already are not going to be brand new when you had thought, the whole world is in crisis (and quarantine) because of coronavirus and that means that cinemas are closed, nobody is coming out of the house and not have any sense to release a movie knowing that nobody’s going to go see it and it’s not going to generate any income.

When everything was just beginning, Pixar decided not to change the premiere of Onwardthe film Tom Holland and Chris Pratt about two brothers on a magical mission, and this became one of the biggest failures at the box office in the study, so that, seeing this, the rest of the studies took the decision to stand in solidarity with the people in quarantine and change the dates (although it is also for that not to happen to them the same at the box office).

As a result, films like Black Widow, the sequel to A Quiet Place, Mulan and The French Dispatch, the new film by Wes Anderson that was presented to a Timothée Chalamet naked in the poster, they had to cancel all their plans and move their premieres until the last months of the year. In the case of Marvel, it also means that the entire calendar for the phases 4 and 5 could be delayed.

The first “hit” came when No Time To Diethe last film of Daniel Craig as James Bond announced that they were going to cancel their premiere, but, taking into account what is still happening in the world, it was logical to think that something like this would happen and that this was not going to be the only film affected. The announcement of Bond it was just the first of dozens of Blockbusters that have already taken the same decision in an attempt to save the films, and to avoid that the fans go to the cinema and take the risk to infect others.

The large gatherings are banned at the moment, but things will not remain this way forever and the whole world is waiting for a vaccine or another solution. The good news is that the movies cancelled you are not going to, they just have new release dates for months in which the crisis is under control and we can all go back to doing our normal lives.

Many films have been delayed, these are their new premiere dates.

Black Widow

New release date: November 6, 2020

The film’s solo Black Widow takes us into the past of Natasha to show us what happened after the Civil War, bringing together the character of Scarlett Johansson with the characters that were a part of their life and forcing them to work together to stop a new villain.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

New release date: 5 march 2021

The film is the third part of the original story, and does not take into account the female version of Ghostbusters. This time, the story follows a family who, upon moving to a small town, he discovers that he is connected with the old ghost hunters and that touch to continue his legacy.


New release date: 8 October 2021

Tom Holland stars in this film inspired by the games of the same name, in which we can see how the two protagonists of the story, Drake and Sully meet and become mates.

Wonder Woman 1984

New release date: 14 August 2020

Diana Prince is facing a new mission, now in the 80’s. This time, Wonder Woman must defeat two new villains who want to destroy the world, and Steve Trevor is back to help her.

No Time to Die

New release date: 12 November 2020

Daniel Craig becomes the back again in Bond, this time the agent is retired and must return for one last mission that leads him to confront one of the villains most dangerous in its history.

Top Gun: Maverick

New release date: 23 December 2020

Maverick is back to train a new generation of riders, including the son of the friend he lost in the original movie, and to demonstrate that it is not yet obsolete.

A Quiet Place, Part II

New release date: September 4, 2020

After the events of the first part, Emily Blunt and her family must leave their home to find a new hiding place, which leads them to discovering more survivors who are fighting to save the last remaining humans that are left.


New release date: 24 July 2020

The new version of the classic Disney is a little different to the original story, but, in essence, we are still showing the same warrior who decides to dress up as a man and go to war for her sick father does not have to do it, knowing that it could be punished with death.


New release date: 19 march 2021

The film Jared Leto introduced to another most of the villains of Spider-Man, this time it’s about a scientist who, during one of his experiments, is infected of a strange disease that turns him into a vampire.

The French Dispatch

New release date: 16 October 2020

The new film from Wes Anderson, tells us of the last days of an american magazine that operates in France, according to the editor and to the reporters who gave life to the magazine with their stories.

Disney and Marvel:

  • Captain Marvel 2: July 8, 2022

  • The Eternals: 12 February 2021

  • Shag-Chi: 7th may-2021

  • Doctor Strange 2: 5 November 2021

  • Thor: Love and Thunder: 28 February 2022

  • Black Panther 2: 6 may 2022