‘Pepa’, ‘Rumba’ and the cats of Taylor Swift: thus they pass the famous quarantine with their pets | People


During the period of confinement by the crisis of the coronavirus, the famous have taken advantage of more than ever to share your day-to-day. Some of them accompany their pets that they do not hesitate to be photographed and to launch awareness messages or with a touch of humor.

Lady Gaga

“I wish I could see now my parents and grandmothers, but it is much safer not to do it to not pass in case of need. I am staying in my house with my dogs,” wrote Lady Gaga to announce that it started its confinement. The singer also goes to the quarantine with her boyfriend, Michael Polansky, managing director of the Group, Parker.

Ona Carbonell

It is important to do exercise at home during the confinement, even though it is complicated by having pets, like Ona Carbonell: “My shadows have four legs and doesn’t leave me or stretch”. Tane and Shima together with the five-time olympic swimmer, who announced her pregnancy in march, and his partner, Pablo Ibáñez.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift loves cats and has three: Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin. The names of the first two cats are inspired by characters from their favorite series: Meredith Grey Grey’s anatomy and Olivia Pope of Scandal. The singer is passing the quarantine with their pets, and has written in his profile of Instagram: “For Merediththe quarantine is a way of life. I know how to Meredith”.

J Balvin

Happiness it is the last pet of J Balvin. Lately, the singer published in their social networks videos and photos next to this dog breed Golden Retriever. You also have another breed Akita, called Enzo.

Salma Hayek

“My Bee it is taken very seriously social distancing. I hope you all are enjoying spending time with their pets,” wrote Salma Hayek in your account of Instagram. The premiere of his latest work, The Roads Not Taken, along with Javier Bardem, has been affected by the crisis of the coronavirus, but the producer has announced that the tape may be viewed on the Internet through rental.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been locked up in his house surrounded by animals. A donkey, a pony and a yorkshire have featured some of their latest publications in social networks. The goal of the actor is to entertain its followers and to raise awareness about the importance of hygiene in these difficult times.

Roberto Leal

During the last gala Operation Triumph, Pepa, the bitch of the presenter Roberto Leal, made its television debut. It is a chihuahua whose name is inspired by the cartoon character of Pepa Pig and that has its own account of Instagram, which these days of course talks about the quarantine of his followers, more than 47,000: “How do you have your family all day at home with you, lying on the couch acariciándoos and not skipping or a walk? I guess that is fatal”.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGenres is recording his program from his home in Montecito, California, EE UU), where he spends the day with her seven pets and her wife, Portia de Rossi. The presenter is a staunch advocate of adoptions, and the last time he did it was by a poodle called Wally.

Alejo Sauras

The actor Alejo Sauras shares his day-to-day at home with your bitch, that tries to explain joking why the trips are now shorter: “Small, you have to be responsible. So we’re going to stay a few days at home. We went to make pee-pee, poo and we, what is it worth? Did you get it, right? Can you give Me a kiss?”.

Zoë Kravitz

The eldest daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, Zoë Kravitz, began the quarantine with this selfie next to your dog Scout. A snapshot for which he was criticized due to the clarity of your skin in the image. The actress, who will be the next Catwoman, you replied to a user of Instagram: “This is what happens to the children of couples of parents black and white when we can’t get out to the street.”

Inma Cuesta

Embraced his dog Rumba, Inma Cuesta tries to raise awareness among their supporters of the importance of remaining in the households to mitigate the spread of the virus: “please, be responsible and stay at home. Every day we are closer.” The actress has taken advantage of his media profile at other times to remember that having a pet is a responsibility.

Camila Morrone

The model and actress Camila Morrone, best known for her courtship with Leonardo DiCaprio, has welcomed a puppy during the period of isolation, an action he described as “the best decision I could have taken.” What has been done through the protective Hollywood Huskies and has encouraged his friends and followers to do the same thing: “These sweet creatures need us desperately.”

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