Rihanna attacks Trump and his management of the pandemic


Rihanna has been brief clear with that you ask him about his new production and asked to present a new theme: “keep waiting,” they said.

In lgra to speak of his musical work, in a message to his fans from Instagram, has preferred to explain that at this time “working to save the world”, something that so view, to the artist of Barbados, the president of the U.S., Donald Trump, does not, despite the fact that it is their duty.

“If one of you, children of p…, ask me about the album once more, in a moment that I fight to save the world, unlike your president… to the view!” he said.

Singer committed

And is that Rihanna speaks from the example., as it has been giving a good use to their money during the crisis of the coronavirus. In addition to buying fans for a value of $ 700,000 for his native country, Barbados, Foundation Clara Lionel has donated also us $ 5 million to the global efforts to help COVD-19, along with another million dollars for undocumented workers, children of workers of the health first-line, first responders and incarcerated populations, the elderly, and the homeless in the city of New York and Los Angeles.

Questioning Rihanna to Trump, they are not recent. Recall that he criticized the president when occurred recent mass shootings El Paso and Dayton. At that time the president called the acts cowardly, without question -then said the singer – the ease with which you can buy weapons in the country.