Robert Pattinson, the man most handsome in the world. But who are the second and the third?


The british actor Robert Pattinson is the man most handsome in the world by the “perfection” of the proportions of his face, according to a list drawn up by a plastic surgeon for the tabloid Daily Mail.

Julian Silva claims to have used a “technique of mapping computer” to determine the “golden ratio of beauty Phi” -according to him, a measure used in ancient Greece – in the facial features.

The result of your advanced analyses is that the actor of Batman, 33-year-old, meets in a 92,15 % of that “golden ratio” for the surgeon reflects the “physical perfection”.

“Your eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw shape and facial were compared with those of other celebrities, and he was the one who was closer to the idea of perfection that had the ancient greeks,” notes the article Daily Mail.

Robert Pattinson, in an act.
Robert Pattinson, in an act.

“This technique quite novel mapping computer allows us to solve some of the mysteries of what makes someone physically beautiful”, says De Silva.

The also actor English Henry Cavill is the second man more handsome of the Earth, according to this schedule (91,64 % of fitness to the ratio of gold proposed by the surgeon), followed by the u.s. Bradley Cooper (91,08 %) and another american, Brad Pitt (90,51 %).