Selena Gomez causes controversy with the video for “Boyfriend”


“Selena: ‘I want a boyfriend’, Justin: ‘If I was your boyfriend’”, “Justin Biber said: ‘If I was your boyfriend, never let you go’, but left to go to Selena Gomez”, “Selena you really need a boyfriend, Justin”, “Selena Gomez appears to give him a blow to Justin Bieber and The Weekend, wrote some of the internet users.

Lyrically the song revolves around the search for a new love, tired of having had several relationships and be with “the wrong one”the interpreter decides to learn prospects in order to find the directed.

“I want a boyfriend, but I keep hitting dead ends, attempt to take a shortcut, but I cut again and again. I want a boyfriend, tell me, how are good?, I keep finding the wrong, but I want to love”, the song says in one of his stanzas.