So encourage these nurses from Madrid to his patients: with a military parade – Society


The situation of crisis by the pandemic are pulling out face more fun of some to encourage people who are sick. So much so that even the health care point to the fashion of singing and dancing in order to cheer up the sick in the hospital.

We have seen many initiatives, but in the Hospital Universitario Infanta Elena de Valdemoro the toilets have pulled in creativity and have organized a military parade for the hallways. In the video posted on social networks can be seen how the nurses they pretend to be military in a parade to the rhythm of a military march. And not missing him or the goat. You can see a woman disguised by goat of the Legion while a companion takes him by the back.

The toilets are not the only ones

A few weeks ago, the freight handlers atms and establishment of Mercadona have wanted to encourage the citizens in full confinement with a song invented by themselves with the musical base of ‘Tusa’, by Karol G, and Nicki Minaj, one of the songs of the moment.

A cleaning of hospitals also encourage your neighbors con a traditional dance galician before you go to work. From the 23 of march, this galician leads cheering the evenings to your neighbors while you head towards your vehicle.