Sophie Turner defends the films of X-Men where he appeared as Jean Grey


Despite having a cast member Sophie Turner, and Jessica Chastain and a fistful of great actors, X-Men: Dark Phoenix – 29% was the failure with the Fox closed its link with the mutants of Marvel in the film industry. That’s not counting the launch of The New Mutants, of which we already lost the account of all the times it has been delayed, but to be one of the major stories of the canon of these characters causes a lot of curiosity the way that will take Disney now has control.

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Regardless of the problems that took the film, many were able to see for the last time the mutants prior to joining Marvel Studios, and it is safe to say that more than one was satisfied with the movie despite the fact that he was far from being the best adaptation. But they are not the only ones that went well, because the actors involved had great chemistry and both inside and outside of the big screen are the best.

That is precisely one of the things for which they defend to the film, which, like previous installments, it was done with lots of dedication and love for a part of the team. There are No known plans of Kevin Present but it is very likely that you will make new castings for all the characters and, like us, Sophie Turner also unknown if you will have an opportunity to return as Jean Grey, although he admits that it would take without hesitation.

This was what he said in a video shared by Variety (via Comic Book Movie):

I don’t even know what the plan is, if Disney wants to continue in the journey of X-Men. Always be willing to go back to that character and that cast and that experience… we spent many good times in those movies. Would kill to go back.

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Unfortunately, the future in the franchise Turner it is discouraging. She played Jean Grey in the last two films of this group of superheroes. Despite the short time in which it formed a part of the productions of Fox, reached to star in the adaptation of the history of comics that is known with the title of Saga of the Phoenix Dark. This has always been one of the arches story more important of his character and the X-Men in general, as well as one of the most anticipated by fans.

As mentioned, the reboot that will launch Marvel Studios is sure to be one for the whole rule: new actors, new characters and new stories. Although the also actress of Game of Thrones – 59% was one of the cast members most young people, Present you might be interested in the new cast is much younger than all of past adaptations. There is that go back far in time to remember that ,for example, Hugh Jackman was about forty-eight years of age when he played Wolverine for the last time.

It is logical that a radical renewal since the study has more plans to make movies to release them as part of their movie universe. For now, it is expected the start of Phase 4 of the MCU Black Widow, which, like the rest of the movie was delayed due to the pandemic of coronavirus. His release date was set for may, but now will come in November if all goes well. This unforeseen event caused the rest of the releases be delayed until one year after the date that was originally agreed upon.

With this in mind, we may have to wait much longer to see for the first time the X-Men officially in the Movie Universe of Marvel. The chairman of the study said they were already working in his introduction, but it is likely that we will have to wait at least a new phase or two before they could be witnesses of what promises to be a great event in the cinema of superheroes.

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