takes the bra exposed, the trend of sexy


In a time in which the sleepleisure is a trend almost imposed because of the confinement, the trends closest to the aura of home imposed, and seem to make it impossible for the sensuality you return to our closet. The trend, however, lencera has returned in its most street thanks to the bra exposed, which calls for showing the fastener through jackets and shirts. What we know: it is not a matter of being in a video call working with the open shirt exposing the bra, but this one is the perfect look to go trying out the outfits that we may wear as soon as the quarantine is over.

Nieves Álvarez is already practicing in your home the art of bra exposed, that we do not forget, popularized months ago Katie Holmes with her bra-told Khaitie. For his part, Nieves takes his impeccable shirt pin stripe of Avellaneda with lace fastener at the air, demonstrating that at home we can be sensual without resorting to the classic nightgown in satin. That, on the other hand, actually now we have in the call, not in the bed… you know how these things: the fashion keeps formulas, but change scenarios and makes the interior be extroverted, and vice versa.

Dua Lipa it is another of the celebrities this season are opting for this trend as iconic of the 90’s, which we saw lead to Mel C. and Mel B, the former Spice Girls, and Britney Spears in the music video for ‘Baby One More Time’. Now, the interpreter of ‘New Rules’ review of the concept of leave the intimate fashion to the view and shows how easy it is to enter a bralette as a basic summer. The Spanish firm Ônne Swimwear, vintage-inspired, evoked in his designs to the traditional models of lingerie and has perfect options to emulate the singer.

Charlize Theron. (Getty)
Charlize Theron. (Getty)

Charlize Theron has been one of the celebrities who has opted for the bra exposed, although she has done so with a look very sensual in which, incidentally, is the fastener the garment more sporty and less sexy in the whole. Your total look of Christian Dior comes to make clear to the third aspect of this trend.

While on the one hand are the fasteners without ring of lace and other models of vintage inspiration, such as the Dua Lipa, the third aspect of this trend is to bet on sports bras, but there is a trend within the exciting field of fashion lencera. The fourth lies in opt for designs of aesthetic handmade when choosing fasteners of crochet that are opening the doors to the summer season that is about, as does the influencer German Expensive Daur.