The 20 cameos of stars ‘ most memorable Friends


MADRID, 11 Apr. (CulturaOcio) –

In these hard days of quarantine, there are many fans who are taking advantage to go back to one of the sitcoms most legendary of the story: ‘Friends’. In fact, the own Courteney Cox revealed that the confinement has caused that to start to see the first season of the series which she herself starred in (and you confessed that little is agreed upon). A fiction that, in addition to by its charismatic main characters, it was famous for its cameos from established stars.

During its ten seasons, the Central Perk and the apartments of Monica and Rachel and Joey and Chandler they spent many established stars, who have left memorable moments. In some cases, those cameos were interpreters that were beginning by then his carrea, what made these appearances to be recognized later, when their faces became the new generation of Hollywood stars.

Here is a brief review of the 20 cameos of Hollywood stars most remembered of ‘Friends’.


America’s sweetheart became a former classmate of Chandlerthat was humbled by this during that troubled time at school. In this episode of the second season, Julia Roberts gets revenge on him, gastándole the same joke that you did that everyone would write a nickname in school.


If there is a memorable moment in the history of ‘Friends’ that was the of the cameo of Brad Pitt in the eighth season of the fiction. The academy award-winning actor for ‘once Upon a time in… Hollywood’ was playing a former classmate of Ross that was fatal in the school with Rachel. The funny thing is that at that time, Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were one of the couples most envied in the celluloid.


The protagonist of the ‘forest of glass’ is passed to the tangle loving in the sixth season of ‘Friends’, embodying the new boyfriend of Rachel, who was also the father of the very young new girlfriend of Ross. For this role, Bruce Willis won an Emmy for best guest actor in a comedy.


There is No better cameo than the interpreted itself, something that you should think Charlton Heston who appeared in the sitcom by sharing your experience in the profession with Joey.


Before being the great star of film that it is (and sell Nespresso coffee), George Clooney was the seducer medical ‘Emergency’another of the series of mythical 90. The interpreter, together with his fellow actor Noah Wyle, gave life to a team of doctors trying to flirt with Rachel and Monica.


Winona Ryder she starred in one of the moments in LGBT fiction, playing a former colleague of the faculty of Rachel, the one who confesses that in the university to be kissed. By not admitting that it happened, Rachel turns to kiss her, leaving open-mouthed to the public and being the legendary sitcom pioneer at the time of showing a kiss between people of the same sex on prime time on american television.


Ben Stiller became the new appointment of Rachel in the episode 22 of the third seasonin a new mess of love for the young executive and Ross, in which the actor of ‘her parents’ stands.


The cameo Billy Crystal and Robin Williams it was brief, but it is also one of the most remembered by fans. In an episode of the third season, both of them burst noisily into the Central Perk to ask the protagonists of the series let them sit on the couch coffee.


The actress of ‘Big Little Lies’, before the match with Jennifer Aniston in ‘The Morning Show’, it became the little sister of Rachel in the sixth season of ‘Friends’showing a character completely opposite of her older sister.


The actor became a particular stripper of 50 years who is hired for the bachelorette of Phoebe. Despite its null gifts for the dance, the character played by Lisa Kudrow manages to cheer him up and make his eccentric dance, proving that curvy is also sexy.


Alec Baldwin he pulled out his side more irritating in two episodes of the eighth season, in which she played Parker, a guest too enthusiastic that Phoebe leads to the celebration of the 35th wedding anniversary of Gellar. So tiresome is their enthusiasm, which is still remembered by fans of the sitcom.


The bad mood of the doctor House could come of the trip Hugh Laurie lived with Rachel in the fourth season of ‘Friends’, in which the young woman played by Jennifer Aniston is very nervous and doesn’t speak during the entire journey from New York to London, where it’s going to prevent the wedding of Ross with Emily.


Although the creators believe that this episode is one of the worst of the series, served to see Charlie Sheen dress marine uniform. One of the loves of Phoebe, with whom he lives a few romantic days somewhat strange, to catching both chickenpox.


In the seventh season of ‘Friends’, Joey has the chance to go back to the serial that she engaged in, ‘Days of Our Lives’, when her character, in a state of coma, he receives a transplant of the brain of a companion of cast, Jessica, who plays Susan Sarandon.


The director of ‘Iron Man’, ‘The lion king’ and screenwriter of ‘The Mandalorian’ it was one of the boyfriends Monica, appearing in several chapters of the third season.


Anna Faris appeared in several episodes of the tenth season of ‘Friends’, playing Erica, the biological mother of the twins Monica and Chandler end up adopting.


Helen Hunt played Jamie, his character in ‘Crazy for you’, another of the iconic sitcoms of the 90s, which in the episode is a regular customer of Ursula, the twin sister of Phoebe. In the chapter, just confundiéndolas.


Sean Penn became Eric, the boyfriend of Ursula. Once again, Phoebe has to be in charge of talking about the truth of her twin sister.


The actress of ‘The blue lake’ appeared in the twelfth episode of the second season playing a fan of Joey, that believes that it is actually dr. Drake Ramoray, the soap opera in the works. Soon you will see your trend-obsessed “to the Misery” of the fan.


One of the cameos younger of the series. The actress of ‘the war of The worlds’, she played the the 8 years old girl who moved to the Monica and Chandler are buying.