The beauty routine that follows Martha Stewart in quarantine


Stay at home to work can have several challenges, among them not to eat too much or do not forget that even though you’re at home, you must take off the pajamas. That well known Martha Stewart, the guru of the style of life, who shared what makes these days of isolation.

The entrepreneur shared in his account of Instagram its simple beauty routine so that her followers wear out. The best thing is that you don’t need much, just take care of yourself, your nutrition and your appearance, so that the insulation does not mess with your emotions.

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The first thing that was recommended was do not make arrangements “frivolous” their routines, hair or nails. That is to say, stay with what you already know works and know how to do, it is not the time to experiment because you will not have to go immediately.

Martha recommended to wash regularly the hair and use conditioner. For the nails, instead of mordértelas or leave them with the varnish dropped, the best thing you can do is pass a file to remove the traces as well we tell you in this note how to remove the gelish or acrylic at home.

Finally, Martha recommended to take special care to moisturize correctly the skin, especially of the hands, as the washing of hands intensive is you can dry out as you have here.

“Clean your skin properly and hidrátala in the morning and the evening. Use a bit of sunscreen with pigment and lip gloss. Use masks two or three times a week,” he wrote.

Cooking is fun, but too many cookies

In addition to their tips for keeping your skin spectacular, Martha warned that although the cooking is fun and a perfect activity to do during the quarantine period, you must be careful, because they are “a lot of cookies and many cakes”.

“Make new salads, try new vegetables or dishes from other sides,” he wrote. If you are interested, here are some tips to avoid gaining weight during this quarantine.

Finally, it recommended to keep a distance if you plan to get out and use mask if you need it.

“We will survive this new change of life. I know that it is painful and difficult, but it is not a war, it is a virus. We know what we need to do. Let’s do it”, he concluded.