“The Britney”: Ignacio Garmendia is shaved off on camera


The changes of look are the order of the day in these days of closure, and among the men seems to be that shaving the head is an option that several decided to take. Among them is Ignacio Garmendia, which showed the process in a video on Instagram.

The actor has spent several days sharing photos of his days in quarantinethat is respecting it as it should. Has made puzzles, exercising at home, out on the balcony, but it finally came in the change of look.

In the video you can see how it passes the machine to raparse “zero”, which led to many of his followers do compared with Britney Spears in 2007, when it also passed the machine shaver for the head.

“To what Britney. Amazing”, said the actress Loreto Aravena, as well as several followers who compared it with the princess of pop, but in the tone of a joke, since you had to know that it looks very good with this new style.