The effect narctico information – News Opinion


The pandemic coronavirus is a challenge for the media. Not only for the effort to provide information, which in large part must be done through telework, but because they have gone the other news and all the sections are dedicated to the pandemic (international, politics, economy, society, sports, culture). It is inevitable that occurs as well, but with time, it produces the narcotic effect of the information. This is especially true in television news. The news and the stories will no longer be followed because the information needs hierarchy in order to be understandable and attractive, and the public is disconnected before the informational saturation, which means that no longer distinguish the important from the unimportant, the relevant from the irrelevant. If everything is important, nothing is important. That is the effect of the lack of hierarchy in the news. The flood information produced at the same time a proliferation of news speculative, that only have the effect of confusing the receiver.

You can still appreciate another effect devastating. While all the spaces that are informative are of course monopolized by the covid-19 and its tragic consequences, we continue to give informational value to the nonsense of Laura Scans, Cristina Pedroche or Kim Kardashian and the participants in Survivors, which, by the way, are still in Honduras as if it’s nothing. We have not banished the clickbait, the holder hook, which is an insult to the intelligence and to journalism, and that is not a holder because, instead of uncovering what is hidden, hidden in the substantial.

The quality of information has suffered also by the wheels of the press telematics with the questions are filtered by the secretary of State of Communication, which fortunately has already been modified, although the rectification is not enough to forget the monumental mistake. They are also a communication error to the hearings of Pedro Sanchez, overly long, repetitive, and many times without the news. Well-meaning, but with a narcotic effect.