The expensive collection of accessories that have Stormi to her two years


Stormi you have a life full of luxury, for his young age already has an exclusive and expensive collection of accessories

Although barely 2 years old, Stormi from very small has been collecting amazing accessories that has been received as a gift by his famous parents, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

Czech the incredible collection of accessories that have Stormi:

To celebrate the first birthday of your little, Travis decided to give her an expensive diamond necklace, which also includes a brooch with a beam embedded (the symbol of his name). Kylie was the one who shared the beautiful detail with a video in Snapchat, which is heard to say: “Look what your dad gave you, baby. You are so cute“.

Kylie bought a bag unique and personalized to your small Stormi, a bag Louis Vuitton model Speedy 40 that has been customized with the name Stormi with red letters.


Kylie was surprised to Stormi with a beautiful and super-expensive diamond ring as a Christmas gift.

One of the latest accessories that Kylie gave to Stormi, they are these awesome hoops that are engraved with your name, you are amazing!!!

In addition to these incredible accessories, Stormi is one of the girls with a closet full of clothes and shoes from the best brands in the world.

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