The failure of Amber Heard in her efforts to find dirty laundry of Johnny Depp with which to lay him low


Their marriage lasted a little over a year, but the war later that they are waging in the courts, on social networks and in the media it seems that there will be no end ever. Of course, we talk about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, which have accused each other of having been assaulted by each other. The last chapter of this story, is worthy of a book of Agatha Christie.

The English newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ which reported that she hired a detective to conduct interviews to 100 people very close to Deep with the sole purpose of finding dirty rags of this with the power lay him low in the face of public opinion. A new trick within that strategy cause their image is as eroded as possible in a sort of revenge.

The researcher that Amber paid with the above-mentioned purpose is called Paul Barresi and I had to get testimonials from people that Jonnhy had used violence, either physical or verbal. These would be used in that trial that we face for libel, and that it has had to be postponed because of the coronavirus.

The middle English has secured the testimony of Barresi, who says that, after conducting a hundred interviews in the united States and Europe, it found no trace of what he had Heard, that does not hesitate to describe as a woman “emotionally exhausted, battered, and tormented” at the time that dealt with it. And gives the names in the emails of some of these actors, if well speak of Johnny as someone with character, “as any actor”, describe him as a good professional.

Barresi believes the torment that suffers Amber is, in large measure, because the environment Johnny is even more volatile than he. But yes that makes it very clear that he has found absolutely nothing for your client can comply with the purpose of giving him the death-blow final the man who so touched the left.