The father of Rihanna positive for coronavirus


The singer invested $ 700,000 in a respirator for his father.


By: Daniel Felipe Mejia

Rihanna it has become one of the world celebrities that it has put the hand on the heart and has helped thousands of people following the massive outbreak of coronavirus, and by the which has killed more than 100,000 infected people.

Like other celebrities, the interpreter ‘Stay’ decided to support for this health problem and make different donations in the millions to support the systems and avoid the emergency copper more lives innocent in the united States.

However, the singer has had to deal with a difficult situation after it was confirmed that one of their closest family members is infected you with this virus. So, recently it was announced that the dad of the singer, Ronald Fenty, was positive in the test to detect the disease.

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Despite the fact that weeks ago the father of the music star he was hospitalized and intervened after presenting several symptoms of COVID-19in the last few hours of international media claimed that Fenty was discharged and taken home to be treated with care corresponding.

Ronald Fenty, of 66 years, was able to return to their home where you should continue with the treatments and corresponding procedures to avoid complications breaths. For this reason, your daughter do not hesitate to invest a large sum of money and buy a respirator for $ 700,000 for that his father was under the care that is needed in Barbados.

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“My daughter Robyn (first name of the artist) was visiting me every day. I thought I was going to die to be honest. I have to say that I love it very much. She did a lot for me. I appreciate all that he has done, ” said Ron in an interview granted to the middle The Sun.

It is important to note that Rihanna and her father faced each other in a legal scenario then that she took action against him by doing business with your name and without the consent. However, in the midst of this crisis, these discomforts were back and both limaron roughness.


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PUBLISHED: 11 April – 2020