The father of Rihanna thought you would die after giving test positive for coronavirus


Ronald Fenty, the father of the singer Rihanna, is located at his house in Barbados, standing and speaking as if it were any other day. However, this was not her situation some weeks ago, since I had given positive test for the coronavirus.

The father of Robyn Fenty, real name of the singer told the daily The Sun he thought he was going to die, due to that contracted the virus, and being a man of 66 years, their symptoms were so aggressive.

Fenty explained that he had fevers very strong for his famous daughter got him an artificial respirator, and tried to help him in all the ways that were possible.

I had a fever inside of my nose and my lips. In truth it was too much fever. I feared the worst, in truth I thought I was going to die. My daughter Robyn I was wondering how I was every day, and I must say that I love you so much. He did so much for me, I really appreciate everything you did,” he explained to the publication.

Fenty was installed in a hospital that is very isolated from the rest of the population, and where only essential personnel are located within the facilities. In addition, the place is guarded by the military.

And, although he did not have to make use of the respirator that his daughter sent him, if he wants the world to know that it is a devastating disease, so they made a call for all to be at home.

The relationship of the singer with his father has not been very good over the years, as he feu addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine during the first years of life of Rihanna. When she enjoyed his success, he took negative actions so that they did not speak for two years.

In 2013, the interpreter is paid for his father was one of the best rehabilitation clinics in Malibu, and since then the relationship has strengthened.

For its part, the also actress of 32 years has tried to bring his grain of sand, since it has made several donations during the pandemic. To the end of march, it donated USD 5 million to numerous organizations around the world to help marginalized communities within the united States, the Caribbean and Africa.

Seeing that the government’s actions were not sufficient, decided to donate protective equipment after a few days within the state of New York, which governor Andrew Cuomo thanked via Twitter.

“I want to thank @rihanna and the Foundation Rihanna for donating personal protective equipment to the state of New York. We appreciate your help and the help of so many others who have taken a step forward,” wrote Cuomo in his Twitter account.

A couple of days after partnered with Jay-Z for making donations to through their respective foundations, Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF) and Shawn Carter Foundation (SCF), to help undocumented workers, the elderly and people in situation of street.

And, as if that weren’t enough, a few days ago, he allied himself with the executive chairman of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, to donate to women who have been affected by lr domestic violence during the quarantine.

Last Friday, during a Live of Instagram the singer connected with their fanshowever I warned not to ask of his new albumI was already very busy trying to save the world.

“If one of you fuckers asks me about the album again when I’m trying to save the world unlike your president… hasta la vista!”, joked.