The list of the most influential people in the tennis L’equipe


The prestigious French newspaper L’equipe it has had time during the quarantine, to give an assessment of the landscape of tennis current. In the absence of action on the slopes, the French publication has decided to devise his particular list of the 20 most influential people or important in the world of tennis. And, definitely, there are some inclusions more interesting.

The list of leads, predictably, Roger Federer. There is little to say of the swiss, with millions of euros in the pocket thanks to contracts astronomical, with the status that you give the 20 Grand Slams, the inclusion of a tournament that manages your company in the global calendar (Laver Cup) and a personality that is still transcending the world of tennis for 38 years. It could be said that the person most similar to the swiss in terms of legacy and resume, but in the women’s tour, is in second place: Serena Williamswhich exceeds in the list to the other members of the Big-3 to be placed behind the swiss.

Precisely complete the other two great men’s tennis the following positions of honor, though with a curious feature: Novak Djokovic is situated in front of Rafa Nadal and closes the top-3. Its number one position in the world and his presence as a President of the Council of Playersmuch more involved in decisions internal to the ATP, maybe give Novak the third place according to the reasons of L’equipe.

From these four major of the racquet, the list begins to become more abstract and appear personalities that are, shall we say, “behind the curtain”. Managers, presidents of federations and even a special section for agents. In fifth place is Craig Tileyand it is not something surprising. The shadow of the australian circuit is quite long: is the president of Tennis Australiathat, in turn, has ties business with the ATP (remember that the dispute of the ATP Cup is given in ground aussie for a reason), and with the Laver Cup, in whose celebration is quite involved, the agency that presides. The potential conflicts of interest are a separate issue, but its influence on the goings-on of the circuit is undeniable and will aúpan to fifth place. Just behind is located Billie Jean King, who earns this position through its own merits, due to his sporting success and also outside of the tracks (one of the biggest activists for equality and the protagonist of the famous Battle of the Sexes). In seventh place, it is curious that L’equipe defined as “the agents”. The conglomerate of persons with functions of public relations that, at times, are taking over the destination of many players.

To complete the top-10 list French we have the powers of three entities that govern the world of tennis. Andrea Gaudenzi, president of the ATP; Steve Simon, CEO of the WTA, and Stacey Allasterthe CEO in the section of professional tennis for the USTA and Us Open (and was, for six years, the executive director of the WTA).

From here on out, posts from 10 to 20 have a few more surprises that interesting. Only two players in active complete the top-20: Andy Murray and Noah Rubin. The inclusion of the latter in the position number 20 shows the influence of its platform, Behind The Racquet, has acquired the global level; it may not be the tennis player that more profits generated, nor that the more income you get, but has managed to get together in one space to many players to share aspects that have been overlooked on many occasions. Trainers present Patrick Mouratoglou or Darren Cahill also earn your place on the best. This is the definitive list of L’equipe:

1 – Roger Federer

2 – Serena Williams

3 – Novak Djokovic

4 – Rafael Nadal

5 – Craig Tiley

6 – Billie Jean King

7 – agents

8 – Andrea Gaudenzi

9 – Steve Simon

10 – Stacey Allaster

11 – Sally Bolton (executive director of Wimbledon)

12 – Arnaud Boetsch (extenista and director of communications of Rolex)

13 – Bernard Giudicelli (president of the FFT)

14 – Andy Murray

15 – Patrick Mouratoglou

16 – Darren Cahill

17 – John McEnroe

18 – Larry Ellison

19 – Ion Tiriac

20 – Noah Rubin