The reason why the fourth season of ‘house of paper’ is being harshly criticized


This text contains ‘spoilers’ of the fourth season of ‘house of paper’

The fourth part of ‘The house of paper’ it is located in the point of look at. Netflix has put all the meat on the grill in the new chapters of one of its star products, a new season is focused on the action like never before, but whose result has been very dingy for the great revelation that their writers have made about one of the characters more mysteriouss, the played by Bethlehem Costs.

The actress had appeared briefly in the third installment of the series from Netflix, but up to now it is unknown what role it would play in the fiction. It was not until the middle of this new batch of episodes until the mystery was revealed: it Costs gives life to Manila, a member of the band that comes from the hand of Moscow, his godfather. Your presentation is done as a flashback, with the young woman reappearing in the life of Denver as Julia, transsexual woman formerly known as Juanito.

Belén Cuesta, in 'The house of paper'. (Netflix)
Belén Cuesta, in ‘The house of paper’. (Netflix)

This first encounter is marked by a tone comical about the acceptance of the reassignment of Julia, with the two characters, validating, in addition, their identity in function of their physical (to be good). A few bugs that are in addition to the poor choice of casting, as the trade press points in the last few days: a character transsexual should be played by an actress or actor, a transsexual. It is not only a question of inclusion, it’s about visibility and talent, as well shown in the recent premiere of the ‘Poison’ in Atresplayer Premium.

To explain and understand better everything that is wrong in this decision, Amor Romeira (‘Big Brother 9’) has chosen to dedicate his latest video on social media to deepen on this issue, deeply offended at confession of a victim of this kind of creative decisions.

“They have been forgotten that when a character has an identity and is transsexual, you should catch actresses transsexuals exist. Should have given him the visibility and integration into the work that an actress tranny deserves. Is a girl trans played by a biological female. Can say that is an actress and is playing… ¡Error!”, it begins by highlighting Love, which then proceeds to explain his stance.

Romeira opt for a comparison for the viewer to view clearly the error: “in The same way that you can’t put makeup on a white person to play a black, or characterize a western to make it pass by west. Are signs of identity that cannot be interpreted. If the girl is trans, the actress has to be trans because the actresses transgender people exist. It is a matter of inclusion. Not you, you are giving the opportunity to actresses transgender planted in a series of very view worldwide and give life to Manila. It seems to Me offensive” sentence.

Then the collaborator of Telecinco passes to go to Bethlehem Costs, who considers that he has incurred a serious error, without learning of controversial past as experienced by Scarlett Johansson, or own Paco León in ‘house of flowers’: “I Think she has made a mistake by accepting a role that should be for a girl trans. I am very angry, very angry. Sorry Bethlehem, but you’re not transsexual, and you should not be doing a tranny. You are removing opportunity“ends by saying Love on this issue, going on to report that she has not been selected in different castings for not having experience, something you never will have if they continue to take these decisions.