The solidarity of Kills and other examples of professional athletes


Momentum. Juan Mata, a champion with Spain in south Africa 2010, is also champion of the world in solidarity. The Manchester United midfielder is the founder of Common Goal, a group of 150 players and coaches who spend one percent of their annual earnings, from football to charity projects for the most vulnerable children in the world. UEFA has thrown its support Kills. The Foundation for the Children of the UEFA has announced its alliance with the background response of the Common Goal against the COVID-19, stressing the solidarity of football with the world’s poorest communities in dealing with the devastating impact of the pandemic of the coronavirus, especially among the child population of the most deprived areas.

Leaders. Among the members of the Common Goal are players like Chiellini, Alex Morgan, Kasper Schmeichel, Kagawa, Hummels or Rapinoe, as well as coaches like Klopp and Nagelsmann and leaders of the industry of football as the UEFA president, Aleksander Ceferin.

Nadal and Gasol. Equally admirable has been the initiative Red Cross Responds driven by two of our heroes of sport, Rafa Nadal and Pau Gasol, to raise eleven million euros in the fight against the pandemic. The project have joined other great athletes spaniards, who have ceded some of their trophies or possessions. Ranging from the monkey with which Carlos Sainz finished third in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi until the t-shirt that Nadal won the last Roland Garros. The response of the people is being spectacular.

EE UU. In the united States, the new epicentre of the pandemic, the athletes have also joined to help. Have done so by means of the Philanthropic Foundation against Disasters, and have participated in top level athletes the world as the Simon Bill, Stephen Curry or Michael Phelps. All have ceded some of their belongings for a charity auction. The vaccine. Other major institutions of the sports world, including the FIFA, are studying new contributions in the fight against the pandemic. Will money from the sport to the science in the search for a vaccine against the COVID-19.